Rent a room in Bed&Breakfast Casa Muñoz, a well preserved colonial-era casa particular located in the center of Trinidad de Cuba just 3 blocks away from Paza Mayor.


The Casa

Enjoy the amazing experience of living in a well preserved house of the XIX century.

The Main Sitting Room

Casa Muñoz long corridor with 3 sitting rooms.

The Bedrooms

Casa Muñoz offer you 3 comfortable rooms:
1 Suite and 2 Standard Rooms.

The Patio

Interior Colonial Patio where our guests can enjoy our delicious breakfast every morning.

The Terrace

Spacious terrace where you can relax.

The Parking

Safe Parking Area.

Your Hosts in Casa Particular Munoz


The Muñoz family

     The English-speaking Muñoz family has lived in the beautiful colonial-era city of Trinidad all their life. Julio and his wife Rosa enjoy sharing their intimate knowledge of this remarkable UNESCO World Heritage city. They delight in welcoming visitors to their "Casa Muñoz" colonial-era Bed & Breakfast (casa particular), and to their nearby Muñoz Tapas restaurant.
      The Muñoz Family includes Julio Muñoz (55, electronic engineer), his wife Rosa Orbea (51, accountant); daughters Maria (29, architect) and Carmen (19, architecture student), plus Maria's husband ‘Julito’ (29, mechanical engineer) and their daughter Ana (5). Despite their original professions, the entrepreneurial Muñoz Family are involved in several touristic business ventures that they offer to the visitor... More...

The Rooms

Casa Particular Muñoz offer you 2 nice comfortable colonial-era bedrooms: A Suite and Standard rooms.

Room Suite

It is the biggest bedroom in the house. It is huge room with 2 levels .

**Please, note this room is just a large room, NOT 2 rooms.**

Rooms Suite Features

  • Has 2 Levels
  • 2 double beds in the first level
  • 1 king size bed in the second level
  • 1 In suite full bathroom in the first level
  • 1 In suite half bathroom in the second level
  • Air conditioning (in each level, split type)
  • Electric Fans (in each level)
  • Refrigerator
  • Safe box
  • Hairdryer
  • Umbrellas
  • Soap
  • Clean Towels
  • TV

Room Suite Prices

  • 1 pax $40
  • 2 pax $45
  • 3 pax $50
  • 4 pax $55
  • 5 pax $60
  • 6 pax $65

Room Standard

It is a huge and high ceiling bedroom, keeping the original design.

Room Standard Features

  • 2 double beds.
  • Air conditioning (split type)
  • Electric Ceiling Fan.
  • Refrigerator
  • Safe box
  • Hairdryer
  • Umbrellas
  • Soap
  • Clean Towels
  • TV

Room Standard Prices

  • 1 pax $35
  • 2 pax $40
  • 3 pax $45
  • 4 pax $50

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